Manuscript Assessment

Are you ready for honest, in-depth feedback on your work?

What I Can Do
I’ll read your work closely, then I’ll send you a report several pages long within two weeks. Your report will give you:

  • Honest, constructive criticism on your characters and storyline. I’ll identify where I feel characters might have potential for further development, or where a storyline needs shaping. I sometimes suggest changes to a storyline, which I hope will trigger creative insights for the author. 
  • Feedback on your writing. I’ll tell you if your writing style, word count and storyline are all pitched at the correct level for your target readership, and if not, I’ll advise on how you can calibrate them. I’ll also give you advice on how to tighten and polish your writing, if necessary. 
  • Advice on seeking a publisher and self-publishing. 
  • Further reading suggestions to inspire you and help you take your next steps.

While I can’t line-edit your manuscript for you, I’ll point out consistent grammatical or stylistic issues, with examples. You can hire a line-editor, if you wish, once your’re happy that you’ve realized your story’s full potential.

I’m an award-winning author of children’s fiction. The Girl with the Broken Wing was featured on Richard and Judy’s TV book club, and The Boy in the Biscuit Tin was nominated for the Best British Children’s Book. My books have been translated into various languages, broadcast on Radio 4, and are studied in schools at Key Stage 2. I also teach Writing for Children for the Open College of the Arts, and I’m an independent editorial consultant for children’s books.

If you’re ready for an independent assessment of your work, contact me – Heather Dyer – at

Pricing (Payment through bank transfer or PayPal.)

WordsCost in Pounds Sterling
(or equivalent in your currency)
Picture Books (up to 1500 words)£85
up to 6000£115
up to 15000£155
up to 30000£210
up to 50000£260
up to 70000
(over 70,000 words to be negotiated)


“Wonderful report, very thorough and plenty of fantastically useful advice here, line by line as well as market-wise.” AS

“I really appreciate the feedback and shall be following her recommendations. Her report is invaluable and I am truly grateful.” JM

“I was impressed by Heather’s positive attitude, and capacity to pick up such detail and give excellent encouraging feedback.” MA

“Why, thank you Ma’am for your kind words and encouragement. I once didn’t see the point of an editor, bloody hell was I wrong!” DC

“I am coming away with a renewed commitment to disciplining my writing. This is coming out of enthusiasm to write, rather than a sense of obligation or necessity.” WS

“Thank you so much, Heather. This has been really fantastic and incredibly helpful and unblocking! JT

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